Wednesday, August 27, 2008

why do I feel like this?
who are you?
how did you get here?

you are here for a reason.
to make me strong.
to make me open my eyes.

i trust you.
i barely know you
yet I trust you.

this feeling is trust.
it swarms all through me.
through my scarred body.

weird how I trust
someone I don’t know.
but I do.

there has to be a reason.
i try to search for it.
Deep in myself.

it is because I know.
i know i am supposed to
trust you.
so I do.

if I don’t
let you take my hand
and guide me
where I need guiding
what will become of it?

i will be lost.
i will be dead.
i will be frozen in the dark.

you are here now.
and i trust you...

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